Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers Spark from #MyBlogSpark

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As a mom with an almost 3 month old, we tend to go through a lot of diapers and are still trying to find the ones that work best for Ellie. We are currently trying out a package of Seventh Generation diapers thanks to Seventh Generation and MyBlogSpark. In partnership with Universal Studios´ motion picture […]

Back to the Basics

I just realized that within a matter of weeks, we will be back to the basics around our house. You know, the baby basics. Back to changing diapers, cleaning up spit up, and I will be nursing 2012 in more ways than one! I get to start breast feeding for the next year of my […]

I LOATHE potty training


I honestly think I hate potty training MORE than I hate changing poopy diapers. We are on Day 3 of the potty training. With only 1 accident on each of these days. It’s 10:30am. 1 accident today, but that was mostly my fault. We’re using a Pull-Up/Underwear/Naked combination. So far, so good. We’ve also got […]