Summer in Style with Bzees

Bzees Women's Duet Sandals

For as long as I can remember, Libby has loved shoes. Even as a little girl (her little sister is the same way) she’s been crazy about shoes. Now that she’s a teenager she is even more obsessed and constantly shopping for shoes.  This summer Libby was on the hunt for a chunky sandal but […]

Splish and Splash with Backyard Ocean

12 x 30 Float to Fill Ring Pool Backyard Ocean

Over the last two weeks the weather here in Green Bay has been hot and muggy and somedays to the point where you feel like you are melting the minute you go outside. Of course, with 3 little kids, we like to get them outside every chance we can to burn off all of their […]

Sun Protection Zone Keeps Kids Skin Safe

Sun Protection Zone Clothing

With the kids being outside more with the warm temps and playing in the water, we are constantly applying sunscreen and doing our best to protect them from getting sun burned but I’ll admit, sometimes we get carried away and are having so much fun that we forget to apply and reapply. We were recently […]

Bookroo Box -What’s Inside?

Bookroo Box

As you know, I’ve been checking out all of the different subscription boxes and whatnot, that are out there these days and it’s time for another. Thanks to the generous folks at Bookroo we recently had the chance to find out what their subscription boxes are all about. Bookroo is a monthly subscription box that delivers books for kids […]

Things for Expecting Parents to Consider

Pregnant woman talking to midwife

Now that I have brought 5 kids into this world, I know that if I were to ever do it again there are a few things I would do differently and some that I wouldn’t change at all. Being a mom of 5, there are plenty of things that have changed over the years, I’ve […]

Nutrisystem #NSNation Week 1 Update

Nutrisystem Logo

I have officially completed my first week on Nutrisystem and have to say I am super happy. Before  I get to the results, I want to share my week with you. I received my first box of goodies from Nutrisystem last Thursday (7/16) and was overwhelmed by everything that came.  My Nutrisystem shipment arrived today […]

Curb Your Nicotine Cravings with Aqua-tine™

Aqua-tine, Homeopathic Smoking Cessation

Everyday I have at least one friend on Facebook who mentions they want to quit smoking or that they have tried to quit smoking and not had success. As someone who was a smoker, for a very long time, I know what it is like. I started smoking at a young age and didn’t quit […]

F is for Fallen

Hand and arm splint

I’m pretty sure if I wanted to, I could right an alphabet theme post like this almost daily. Now I know I don’t post a lot about me lately, but I figured since Zack had his appendectomy last week it was only fair that I share a little tale about me. On Friday afternoon, in […]

5 Things to Have Inspected Before Your Buy a Used Car

African-American Auto Tech Gives Thumbs Up

When buying a used car the biggest issue that weighs on your mind is the condition it is in and if any mechanical issues are going to pop up in the future.  It is always best to have a mechanic look at the vehicle before purchasing. Photo Credit   Here are some of the biggest things […]