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In our house a new year means a trip to the eye doctor. So far the Alex has been in for his annual exam and Zack went in for his exam last night.

Last night was truly an eye opening experience for us.

At his exam last night, Zack, who will be 13 next month, learned that because of his high use of electronic devices such as his Nook, iPod Touch and netbook, his eye muscles have started to get lazy since these are all objects that are usually help closer to the face. With this new discovery we learned that when Zack looks at things further away the muscles in his eyes are not responding therefore meaning that my almost 13 year old son now has to wear bi-focals for the next few months in hopes that this problem will be corrected.

Never in a million years did I think my child would need bi-focals before I did!!

Since meeting with the eye doctor I have done my best to educate myself on the different lenses and vision correction needs thanks to Zeiss educational tools. This site gives you all of the tools you need so you know the facts about vision and lenses, how to select the right eye doctor for your family, questions to ask at your next eye appointment and facts you should know about age-related vision changes.

We are hopeful that by taking the things we learned along with an early diagnosis from Zack’s eye doctor that we will be able to correct this problem with his lazy eye muscles within a few months.

I can tell you that we learned a valuable lesson and have put a lot of limits on the kids using their electronic devices now in addition to our own!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post on behalf of MomSelect and Zeiss in exchange for my complete and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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