Pinteresting Wednesday: Crafts I Want to Craft!

In the past week, my Pinterest addiction has really developed. Not only has mine, but I managed to suck my sister into the black hole that is Pinterest as well! Since I am now an official addict I thought I would join in The Vintage Apple’s Pinteresting Wednesday Meme. So for my first Pinteresting Wednesday […]

Pass the Xanax please!

Since the arrival of Ellie last month, for some strange reason I have been on edge. Things have become so bad that I am having a hard time sleeping. If it wasn’t for things like my DVR, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter I would probably lose my mind. Even on the night when I do make […]

25 Weeks

It is hard to believe that I am already 25 weeks pregnant. I think what makes it so hard this time around is that I have somehow kept my weight gain to a minimum – right now I’ve gained right around 10lbs, which for me is damn good considering that my last 3 pregnancies I […]