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Remember in November when this happened?

Well, this past Thursday, this happened after a trip to see Dr. S.

What you are seeing above, is a picture of Zack, in a wheelchair in the waiting room at the hospital.

The waiting room on the 6th floor which happens to be the surgical floor.

There we sat, an hour after he returned home from a 1.5 hour long doctor appointment after having spent the previous night in severe pain in his LEFT hip.

We sat there waiting to head back to PreOp.

Our Thursday DID NOT go as planned.

Zack went to see the fabulous Dr. S at 10:30am, by 12:06, he was home and we were packing like crazy so we could get to the hospital for 1 and into preop because the dear sweet boy now required surgery on his left hip.

Shortly after 1pm, the boy and I went back to preop and got him ready to go.

Here he is, before any drugs, sitting in preop all happy and enjoying the hot air that is blowing thru that beautiful hospital gown.

We sat in preop and waited for just over an hour.

Surgery started at 3 and he was done by 4.

We met with the surgeon and he let us know that once again, everything went very well.

Our Zack now had a matching set of screws; one in each hip.

After surgery, he made his way to recovery which was a little harder this time around as he was in a lot more pain and required more drugs and some extra time to rest before moving to the Penthouse.

At 5:30pm, we made the move.

This time, since he is 13, Zack was admitted to the ortho floor, otherwise known as the Penthouse because it is the top floor and has beautiful views of the city.  From his room, we were able to see within blocks of our house on the other side of town.

Once in his Penthouse suite, we got him all settled in for the rest of the evening.

The great thing is that less than 24 hours later, Zack was moving around and doing this.

And then… hour later, he was drugged, packed up and making his way to my parents house for the weekend!!!

Fast forward to today: Monday –  Zack came home from my parents house last night after a weekend without his sisters and brother around.  He had lots of visitors and some time to lay low.  Last night he slept for 12 hours and is now feeling pretty darn good and has more mobility in his leg and hip than he did the night before.  We are keeping our fingers crossed things continue to improve because he WANTS to go back to school tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who sent us prayers and well wishes via email, Facebook and Twitter.  I really appreciate it!!



First things first, Zack is out of the hospital!
He was discharged a day early since he was doing so good.
He passed Using Crutches/Wheelchairs & Functioning With Only One Leg 101 with flying colors!
But to get you caught up, here’s what you missed!
If you haven’t heard, Zack required surgery for a Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis, I wrote all about it and you can read about it HERE.
So, after spending all of Tuesday between the doctor’s office, the ER and then checking into a room in Pediatrics we attempted to get some rest to prepare for Zack’s surgery on Wednesday afternoon.
Needless to say, we slept for about 3 hours Tuesday night and were up bright and early at 4am when the nurse came in to check Zack’s vitals and draw blood.
All I have to say is thank goodness the hospital had video games to occupy Zack because that is what he did from the time he got up until he made his way to Pre-Op at noon.
Here he is in Pre-Op waiting to be prepped for the O.R.

We sat in Pre-Op for about an hour, talked with the nurses, the anesthesiologist and then his orthopedic surgeon Dr. S. Once we were done chatting , Zack made his way to the O.R.
Of course, this meant it was time for another photo op!

Once surgery was done, we had a chance to talk to Dr. S who let us know that everything went perfect.  He received a small incision on the outer right thigh, a hole was drilled through the bones and then the screw was put in place.

The best part is that Dr. S even took pictures of the screw in place so that Zack had some awesome show and tell.

Surgery took just about and hour and then he spent another hour in recovery before returning to his room. Upon his arrival he was still a little confused from the anesthesia and was quite tired. I thought for sure that once everyone cleared out of the room and everything was quiet that he would go to sleep and finally get some rest.
And he did, for about 30 minutes.
Then he wanted to play on the XBOX360 and try to eat.
That went on for a few hours.
Around 6:30ish we both started to doze of and managed to grab a quick nap before we had some visitors.
Zack’s cousins came to visit.
He was really excited because they brought him mashed potatoes with gravy from KFC and Call of Duty Black Ops for the XBOX.
For the next 2 hours, Zack and his cousin played Black Ops.

That is Zack gaming.
Does he look like a kid who just had surgery 6 hours prior??

After his cousin’s departure just shy of 10pm, we had a few snacks, popped in a movie and both passed out shortly after.
I woke up a few times throughout the night to check on Zack.
He managed to sleep, soundly, until the nurse came in shortly after 4am to check his vitals and medicate him and then went back to sleep until 7:35am Thursday morning.

Thursday was a great day—-we got discharged a day early, but more on that tomorrow!

As I write this, I am sitting in a room on the pediatrics floor of the local hospital with my oldest son Zack.  Later today, Zack will be having 2 screws placed in the growth plate of his right hip.

The last 48 hours have been crazy!

On Monday, we lost a family member.  The Alex’s Uncle C that the children were very close to passed away unexpectedly leaving the entire family in shock.  After learning of Uncle C’s passing we didn’t think the week could get worse.

We were wrong.

Soooo wrong.

Tuesday started with a trip to see the fantabulous Dr. J, our family doctor because Alexander has developed a nasty cough and I decided to have Zack piggyback Alexander’s appointment since the pain he had been having in his hip for 2 weeks had all of the sudden become very, very painful making it hard for him to walk.

Alexander checked out pretty good other than the fact that he has pneumonia.

Zack was sent for x-rays and lab work to try to figure out what was going on with his hip.

An hour and a half later after seeing that Zack’s levels were elevated and Dr. J’s consult with an orthopedist, we were sent to the ER for more tests.

We arrived at the hospital at 1pm.
By 3pm he was having an MRI on his hip to check for fluid because they suspected that he had a septic hip.
After the MRI we met with Dr. S from ortho who informed us that there was fluid in the hip joint and they would need to do a needle aspiration to check for infection.
(I do NOT recommend watching your child have a needle aspiration. I think I shed more tears then he did. It was so hard to watch him in pain and not be able to help.)

The needle aspiration showed no sign of infection in the fluid but we did learn that Zack has a slipped growth plate (Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis) and would need surgery.

After that we were admitted to the peds floor and finally left the ER.
The good news is that they are taking very good care of him. He’s been happily sitting in his hospital bed playing video games thanks to their XBOX360 Kiosks, watching movies and getting familiar with the controls on his bed.

They have helped control a lot of the pain thanks to some great meds, meaning he has been very entertaining!

The downside is that Zack will have to miss out on going deer hunting, something he was really looking forward to doing.

I will update with another post after surgery since Zack has granted me permission and has also been helping come up with creative titles and write the posts!

Wish us luck!

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