Weekend Projects: House Update

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Over the weekend, we finally had the chance to get some backyard projects completed.  The first project was to create something that our little Alexander desperately needed, a sandbox.  On Saturday afternoon, Pa the Great showed up with the needed materials to craft the sandbox, including Alexander’s hammer and together (with some extra help from Daddy too) a sandbox was built!

Building a sandbox After all of his hard work, we found the perfect spot in the yard for the sandbox. Now we just wait for the sand to be delivered and we can fill it up and he will be able to spend hours in it!
I cannot wait!

Once the sandbox project was complete, the Alex finally had the time to dig our (much needed) fire pit! When we lived in the rental home, our landlord put a stop to our backyard fires because she feared a hot ash would land on the roof and burn the house down. We had so much fun when we were able to have fires. It is something the whole family enjoys and is also something we enjoyed doing with our friends. So, a fire pit in our new (huge) backyard was definitely a top priority.

Fire pitHere it is a few minutes after he was done digging it out and putting the bricks in place. The great thing is, we didn’t have to spend anything on this project! We took the bricks from some landscaping in the front yard that we are going to be pulling out.

Of course, once it was done, the kids couldn’t wait to start burning stuff so we found ourselves sitting around the fire about 10pm getting ready to light up the neighborhood and have some fun. I just wish we would have had the makings for S’mores!
Backyard Fire

We spent just over an hour snuggled up around our new fire pit, minus one sleeping Alexander. Little Miss Ellie was snuggled up on me under a blanket fast asleep. It was great to see the kids have so much fun! We are already looking forward to having a fire again this coming weekend, but I will be sure that we have everything we need for S’mores and other snacks!

I am also hoping that over this coming weekend, we can move a swingset that a family friend is giving us, and get it set up!

Hope you and yours had a great weekend as well!

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