Weaning: Are We Ready

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As Ellie’s 1st Birthday approaches and she eats more regular meals throughout the day and drinks from a sippy cup, I am preparing myself mentally to wean her.  Right now she mainly nurse when she wakes up in the morning and at night right before she goes to be.  I do still nurse her to comfort her throughout the did if she needs to be comforted.  breastfeeding, weaning, nursing, baby

I am not pushing to wean her, not by any means. Ellie is my last baby so I am in no rush.
I love our time together and the extra snuggles I get when she is nursing.
With Alexander I was forced to wean him when he turned 1 because I was really sick and between the medication and being ill, I just couldn’t do it. Thankfully we had made it all the way through the first year.
With Ellie, I’m just not ready and I think I am going to let her decide when it is time.

I think part of me also wants to continue to nurse because Ellie was a preemie and we struggled a lot with nursing in the beginning and now we are pros.

I know I can’t nurse her forever but I also know that neither of us is ready for it to end.
Thankfully I have a husband who is supportive and will understand if I choose to continue.

How old was your little one when you decided to wean?

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    I’m still nursing and my daughter is almost 22 months. I have no qualms about extended nursing. I’m working on decreasing, but I’m totally okay with taking my time with it.
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    Anne Reply:

    @Unknown Mami, I am the same, I am okay with extended nursing and I haven’t really been putting into any efforts to decrease, I’m still nursing whenever she truly wants it.


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    With my first I became pregnant with my second by the time he was one. And by 18-19 months he was ready to wean. He had no problem taking milk from a sippy and did great with the transition from bottle to sippy. We gradually lessened the amount of times we nursed and eventually my milk changed and supply dropped as my body got ready to produce colostrum.

    With my second… well… we’re still nursing and she’ll be two next week. She is showing no signs of weaning so I’m just going with what feels right.
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