The 10 Best Attractions in Nature from around the globe

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Travel around the globe

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Nothing is better for the body and mind than to spend some time in the great outdoors! People can book flights on to amazing places around the globe where nature is the star and where outdoor sports are popular. Students and others find fantastic discounts to anywhere in the world. They can explore, challenge themselves and come back to the regular routines of life feeling rejuvenated. Here are 10 of the best attractions of nature and some top places on the planet to find them:

Coasts – Milford Sound in New Zealand

Within the Fiordland National Park of South Island, New Zealand, Milford Sound is on the southwestern end of the island. Kayaking, boating and coach tours are a few ways to explore Milford Sound.

Forests – Jungles of Southern Asia

Chiang Mai in northern Thailand is the perfect place to begin ventures into the forest jungles of Southern Asia. Visitors can take nature walks long and short, go wildlife watching and ride elephants or horses.

Deserts – Grand Canyon of North America

The largest and most expansive chasm on the globe is the Grand Canyon in the deserts of Arizona of the United States. Hiking, mule riding and camping are some of the activities at this desert wonder.

Islands – Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. Discovering the islands in their natural state is thrilling. Majorca and the other Balearic Islands are perfect for water sports.

Mountains – The Alps of Europe

For all types of mountain and outdoor sports all year, the Alps of Europe are excellent choices. The fresh air, trails and scenery are spectacular. Skiing, biking, backpacking and more are favorite activities.

Ocean – Great Barrier Reef of Australia

To experience the wonders of the ocean, no place on earth is better than the Great Barrier Reef. Flying over the region, kayaking, boating, snorkeling and scuba diving are some ways to enjoy the reef.

Plains – Pampas of South America

Most of Uruguay as well as some of Brazil and Argentina are located within the Pampas or plains region of South America. In this true grassland biodome, visitors can ride horseback and go hiking and cycling

Rivers – Victoria Falls in Africa

One of the river wonders of the world is Victoria Falls. The falls is on the Zambezi River bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia. Visitors to the falls can bungee jump, hike and take boat tours.

Seas – Dead Sea in the Middle East

Of the many grand seas on earth, the Dead Sea is one of the most fascinating. The region is history rich. Visitors enjoy wildlife watching and hiking as well as floating in the salt sea.

Volcanoes – Greenland near the North Pole

A land of adventure waits in Greenland. Around the volcanoes, visitors ride helicopters, take boat tours and hike amid the rough and rugged landscape. Seeing active volcanoes, visitors appreciate the power of nature at work.

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