Zman Hospital After Surgery

Remember in November when this happened? Well, this past Thursday, this happened after a trip to see Dr. S. What you are seeing above, is a picture of Zack, in a wheelchair in the waiting room at the hospital. The waiting room on the 6th floor which happens to be the surgical floor. There we […]



First things first, Zack is out of the hospital! YAY!!! He was discharged a day early since he was doing so good. He passed Using Crutches/Wheelchairs & Functioning With Only One Leg 101 with flying colors! But to get you caught up, here’s what you missed! If you haven’t heard, Zack required surgery for a […]


Zman Slipped

As I write this, I am sitting in a room on the pediatrics floor of the local hospital with my oldest son Zack.  Later today, Zack will be having 2 screws placed in the growth plate of his right hip. The last 48 hours have been crazy! On Monday, we lost a family member.  The […]