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Since 2006, I have done my best to keep our family away from the traditional credit card, aside from our bank debit card that links to our checking account.  After running into some identity theft issues and ungodly high interest rates, Alex and I decided that traditional credit cards weren’t for us.

Since then, we have relied mainly on our bank debit card and prepaid debit cards.  I’m personally a fan of prepaid debit cards because they give you a chance to save for a certain occasion if you like, there are NO credit checks, NO checkl cashing fees, NO overdraft fees or late fee, you have access to ATMs worldwide and you can use them everywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

We recently received a new Visa prepaid card from that we plan on having some money direct deposited too over the next year to help us save up for a MUCH NEEDED family vacation.

When I first visited CARD I was suprised at all of the card designs offered.  Of course, being that we are from Green Bay and are HUGE Packer fans, choosing a card design wasn’t hard at all., Reggie White, VISA, Green Bay Packers

Naturally, I chose the Reggie White Visa right away!  Zack is already asking if he can get his own card after seeing this design.

Walking Dead

How Does It Work

I am looking forward to saving up for our little vacation over the next year and using our awesome Reggie White card to fund our trip, meals and souvenirs!

What do you or would you use a prepaid card for?


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Anne is a 30-something full-time SAHM mom of 5 ranging from 1 to 16 who resides in Ashwaubenon (Green Bay) Wisconsin. She started blogging in 2008 as a way to regain her sanity. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, cheeseburgers and vodka along with spending time with her husband and kids.


  1. 1

    Sylvia Ortiz says

    This is a great deal – as most prepaid cards come with added fees which eat-up your funds. Thanks for the share!


  2. 4

    Julie Wood says

    I too like Prepaid debit cards because they help me to not overspend and I can use them anywhere. It is a great way to use a debit card without all the fees.


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