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You would think that by now, you know after already having grown 3 other human beings, that this pregnancy deal would be a walk in the park.
It’s not.
I absolutely HATE being pregnant this time around.
That is probably because I am overweight and emotional, but this time is not fun.
Every part of me hurts.
And I mean, every. single. part.
I have absolutely zero desire to have sex.
My poor hubby.
I feel sorry for him, I really do.
I’m to the point where I am actually considering getting him a stand in wife to bang for the duration of this pregnancy.

Oh did I mention that this time around I am actually tired too?
Yeah, me.
The night owl.
All. The. Time.
I’ve slept more during this pregnancy than I have in the last 4 years combined.

It definitely gets harder to grow a human as you age.
I will attest to this.
Being pregnant in my 20’s was way easier.
The only comparison between past pregnancies and this one is the fact that I’m breaking out like a teenage girl just hitting puberty.
It’s bad!

Oh and why is it that in this pregnancy I pee more then I did with the others.
Seriously, we are talking a roll of T.P. a day just for me!

And to think I have AT LEAST 20 more weeks to go.

The only bonus this time around is that I’ve actually been keeping my weight gain to a minimum.
Here’s hoping it stays that way!!

Next Baby Ellie check-up is this Friday. Looking forward to discussing my swelling issues with the doc and hoping we get to see the little one again!

Until then!

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Anne is a 30-something full-time SAHM mom of 5 ranging from 1 to 16 who resides in Ashwaubenon (Green Bay) Wisconsin. She started blogging in 2008 as a way to regain her sanity. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, cheeseburgers and vodka along with spending time with her husband and kids.

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