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2 weekends ago, we took the kids to see Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic. Before seeing the show, it never occured to me that there would be characters in the show that Alexander has not yet discovered.

There we were watching the show and out popped THE GENIE OF THE LAMP!
Aladdin, Genie
The poor kid had absolutely no clue who it was or what was going on.
I failed my kid.
He’s never seen Aladdin and I only own it on VHS!!!

I am a HUGE fan of Disney movies and have done my best to procure a large collection of Disney flicks over the years but realized my collection is lacking.

Over the years I have managed to slowly replace my VHS Disney flicks with DVD’s and have also started to upgrade most of them to the blu-ray/DVD combo pack.

I really need Aladdin to be re-released in the future so I can educated my little ones, until then I will have to find it on TV someday or try to get my old VCR/DVD combo working!

Although Aladdin is not on the list of movies set to re-release soon (at least not that I have learned) I am super excited about The Little Mermaid making her way to blu-ray this fall!!

The Little Mermaid will be out on in a blu-ray combo pack October 1st and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!

At least Alexander is aware of who Ariel is!!

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