Did I mention….I’m out of the hospital???

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I’m sorry….I updated on Twitter and Facebook, but I neglected to mention on this here blog that I am no longer stuck in an uncomfortable hospital bed wearing a lovely gown with my derrière hanging out for all the hospital staff to see.

I came home this past Monday.

After all of the testing ( abdominal ultra sound, chest CT, X-rays, hida scan, and upper GI endoscopy), I came home without an answer as to what is causing me to have abdominal pain and forcing everything I eat to leave my system rapidly via the Northern route.

The only suggestion the doctor who was treating me had was that it could possibly be my gall bladder because when the medication was injected to make my gall bladder contract during my hida scan caused a lot of discomfort.

I however am not about to have my gall bladder removed based on theory.

I am seeing my primary doctor on Friday.

I have been getting more rest at home then I did at the hospital……and I have 3 kids at home….2 that are on Spring Break until Monday and one who just turned 3……and yes….I’ve still had more rest!

I’m still experiencing the pain but it has eased up a bit….

Oh, and this illness has been a great new weightloss program for me….I’ve lost 9 pounds since Friday!

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