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As I’ve mentioned in the past, potty training our sweet little Alexander has been no easy task.  We started on the potty training journey in 2010 and he just wasn’t ready.  We resumed in 2011 since he was going to attend preschool but unfortunately, we were not successful.  By the fall of 2011 and knowing that we were expecting another baby, I knew we had to try again.

All aboard the potty train we went.

At first he struggled but his accidents were minimal.  Within a month he was showing great progress and accidents were few and far between.  Things continued with great success…..except one thing…he couldn’t stay dry at night.

Up until February of this year, Alexander went to bed at night wearing a nighttime training pant/diaper.  He didn’t have accidents in his training pants every night but there were more wet nights then dry.  I think part of his problem is he is such a heavy sleeper.

In February, our family made friends with the Bedwetting Store and we were introduced to the Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarm.  The Dry-Me bed wetting alarm is for kids ages 5+ that clips to the shoulder/collar area of the pajamas and the attatched moisture sersor is threaded under your child’s pajamas and then clipped to the outside of your little ones underwear where the wetness would occur should there be an accident. 

Dry-Me bedwetting alarm

The alarm runs on 2 AAA batteries and has three customizable alert settings and let me tell you, you and your little one will DEFINITELY hear it if it goes off! The alarm also offers vibrations to wake your little one up and if your little one is like ours, you can use both so the there is simultaneous sound and vibration.

Alexander wore the alarm 3 nights in a row and after 3 nights of accidents and being woken up by the alarm, he has had only two accidents since (mainly because he was soooooo tired after some really long days).

I am so happy that we have had great success with the Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarm and hope others can be as successful! I am also loving the extra savings now that we no longer need to purchase night time training pants.

In addition to the alarm, I think another great tool to our success is Renee Mercer’s book, Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness.  Renee’s book offers the latest information and tips to help your child achieve nighttime dryner and provides guidance based on her own experiences as a pediatric nurse practitioner who has helped thousands of children become dry at night.  As a mom of 4, this is the first resource that I have actually found to be very helpful in our potty training success.


You can connect with The Bedwetting Store on Facebook, Twitter or visit their blog.

Buy It:

The Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarm is available for purchase for $49.95 and you can get the Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness for $14.95

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Anne is a 30-something full-time SAHM mom of 5 ranging from 1 to 15 who resides in Ashwaubenon (Green Bay) Wisconsin. She started blogging in 2008 as a way to regain her sanity. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, cheeseburgers and vodka along with spending time with her husband and kids.

14 Responses to “Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarm Review”

  • Carrie Phelps:

    My biggest struggle is getting my grandchild to tell me when he needs to use the bathroom while he’s playing. He gets so involved that he doesn’t want to take the time to go and the accidents happen.


    Nancy Reply:

    @Carrie Phelps, there are vibrating watches you can buy for your son. You set the watch so that it vibrates and/or sounds at intervals or specific times. When the watch goes off, your son is reminded to go to the bathroom. In addition to bedwetting alarms, the Bedwetting Store also sells these reminder watches. There are also reviews you can read before you make a decision: http://bedwettingstore.com/watches.html
    Nancy´s last blog post ..Top Caregiver Tips for Spring Cleaning


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  • Debbie F:

    We cannot seem to master the #2. Been potty training since aug and she just won’t poop on potty


  • Stephanie Larison:

    My daughter has a hard time waking up to go to the bathroom, she says she has dreams about sitting on the toilet and going.


  • Austin Baroudi:

    It used to be she had trouble waking up to go but she hasn’t had an accident in nearly a year(She just turned 3 yesterday)!


  • Mayla Moore:

    My two oldest are very sound sleepers and have a difficult time waking up at night. I think my youngest is almost ready to start potty training.


  • Jenny:

    My son is a sound sleeper and is not aware when he has to go during the night.


  • Marci:

    I am past the potty training age. However, my sister is struggling with it. It’s hardest at night!


  • Deb:

    I woud love to give this to a friend for an older than average bedwetter


  • Karen Gonyea:

    He sleeps so soundly and never wakes up to go during the night.


  • Paula Michele Hafner:

    My son is having trouble staying dry at night. He doesn’t wake up to go to the bathroom.


  • Valerie Taylor Mabrey:

    Teaching him to tell me before!
    vmkids3 at msn do com


  • liz l:

    My niece is giving my sil a hard time


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